Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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Oct 6
Creativity - the ideas - turning the blank canvas into a work of art -

You can not spend all your time curled up in front of the TV. You have to be the main character in your creativity quest.

What should I paint? - the butterflies churn in my stomach - what should my next project be? - will anyone appreciate it? - do I really want to do it ?. . .

Turn that butterfly into excitement - love the mystery of the unknown - anticipate the happy accidents - learn from the mistakes - enjoy the journey!

You need to develop work habits that will foster creativity
- have a special place/studio dedicated as your work space
- spend time daily in your studio
- draw/paint/write everyday
- keep some kind of journal/sketchbook
- spend time with other artists for support
- nurture a fellow artist (nurturing is good because you have to practice what you preach)
- experiment with what works for you

This Struggle and this Work will and should never go away even as you mature as an artist. It will always be part of your creative process, so
Embrace It, Expect It, Enjoy It!!

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