Friday, October 2, 2009

Selling Art Online ~ 10.2.09

Oct 2
It's all true - but it's not bad! Yes, there are lots of prints and cards and affordable art in Etsy. But it's not bad art that the artist can't sell, or probably should have been painted over - it's just affordable! I'm seeing OPPORTUNITY here - where marketing meets demand!

True, Etsy is not the place for my $800 Award Winning Custom Framed painting - but it is the place for a print of this painting. In this day and age, an artist has to be half businessman. The business side of me says my beautiful paintings are just commodities and I need to stop loving them so much if I want to make a living! I have a beautiful painting - why would I only sell it once when I could also sell prints and cards of the same painting - generating more income - what's wrong with that?

There are millions of buyers looking for a deal, millions of art loving buyers who can't afford the original art but could afford a print. Why not tap into that market. I don't think I'd be compromising any values there. Sounds like a win-win situation, not brain surgery!

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