Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Still Life Project ~ Oct 20, 2009

Oct. 20

. . . still sitting and reading the October issue of Watercolor Artist magazine – instead of cleaning – but I’m still in the studio – surely that counts for something! I am absolutely captivated by the article on Susan Abbott’s still life paintings. One of her paintings has over 30 objects – and the story they tell! love it love it
www.susanabbott.com, painting series, dream table

So I’ve decided to add real meaning to my re-organizing endeavor, as I clean-up I will look for subjects for my own still life painting. Normally I avoid the still life; most don’t have much in the way of life in them. But, if I start with quirky objects that tell a story, and throw away all the rules to the wind – then – I think I can!
The Little Engine That Could

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  1. you're smart to approach your task this way!



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