Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Etsy Dilemma ~ 9.29.09

Sep 29
The Etsy Dilemma . . . I have filled my Etsy store with affordable art hoping for some sales during the Holiday gift giving season. I spent some time looking in the othe Etsy stores and have found many fabulous Etsy sellers offering really great unique products - I've even contributed to the bottom line! It's a huge nuturing community that embraces and supports their membership.
But during my research, I once again cames across the dilemma of art vs craft! I'm not surprised, I trip over this frequently in my artistic endeavors.
From the artist community I've read that:
1. Etsy is perceived as a Flea Market
2. in Etsy, the professionals compete with the hobbyist
3. the buyers are only looking for a deal

We're all looking for a deal - duh! Every professional started out as a non-professional/hobbyist. Have you ever been to an outdoor art show - along with the original paintings - plenty of prints and cards - looks like flea market to me!

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