Saturday, September 5, 2009

Punchinello's Dog Toby ~ 9.5.09

What can you do
Punchinello funny fellow,
What can you do
Punchinello funny you,
I can do it too,
Punchinello funny fellow,
I can do it too
Punchinello funny you

Sept 5
Here is a close-up of Punchinello's dog - TOBY. He is the inspiration for this painting. Some of you might remember the Punch and Judy puppet show, Punch was always hitting his wife with a stick. We all laughed. While researching this Italian Comedy character, I learned that Puchinello was not a funny fellow. He was an abuser, that's why he carried the stick. He was also a mean despicable man that no one liked. In fact, his only friend was Toby, his dog.
Dogs are all heart!

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