Friday, September 4, 2009

Raven and Punchinello ~ 9.4.09

Sep 4, 2009
In July I entered these two paintings in the YAA Rottler Juried Competition. Two entries were required to show that I could produce a cohesive body of work. I won Honorable Mention with these paintings. It has taken me this long to finally take an acceptable photo. Photographer I am not.

They were painted with acrylic and collage on a canvas board (Dick Blick), that has sides like a gallery wrapped canvas. Looks like a box when it is turned upside down. The style is Abstract Realism, and as you can see, my palette is primarily primaries.

Last year I was trying to determine what my personal symbols were, and decided one of them was a raven - hence, the start of the design for the Raven. It took me a year to finalize the composition of that one. (but, the Rave symbol was lost on most of my audience, living in Ravens Football land - they think that was my inspiration). The Punchinello painting came together quickly, I have always liked the Italian Comedy characters.

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