Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolutions for 2011

We great tredpidation, I retrieved my 2010 wishes that I sent to my ancestors last January. I don't remember what I wished for, except the inevitable losing weight resolution, that even my ancestors won't be able to pull off.

Out of the 10 wishes, 4 did come true. I think 40% is pretty good.

Four other wishes would have required a great deal of work on my part, but in 4 different directions - even though I did work at them, there was no way I could have succeeded with all four. I spread myself too thin in too many different areas, just setting myself up for failure.

Even though the two remaining wishes did not come true, I have to say I thought about them alot during the year. I did not remember making them a New Years wish/resolution, but they did crop up frequently.

So I’ve decided to give the ancestors Pot another go for year 2011. As long as I’m here I might as well play all the games. I will include the wish about weight, it’s so very important to keep that thought in the forefront. Maybe my ancestors could at least help with gentle reminders. I will include 2 wishes along the lines of my art and my writing.  I have to think about the rest of the wishes, I want them to be meaningful.

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