Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Learning a new Medium

I'm starting a new adventure - learning a new medium - OIL STICKS.
I saw some paintings earlier this year, created with Oil Sticks, and I really felt the tug to give them a try. I was weaned on oils, but I have not painted with them for over thirty years. How hard could these oil sticks be.

 I did my research - there is little out there on them. Very basic stuff. They claim you could draw with them, that tugged me. They claimed you didn't need a brush - that tugged me. They claimed you could blend right on the canvas, and that tugged me.

What was I thinking?

Not only had I forgot everything I ever knew about oils and had that to contend with - I added this new medium to the mess. My only saving grace is that I'm not doing this for anyone to see - no gallery - no exhibition - no class - just me and this glorious mess.  MUD - I made mud. I am so used to acrylics drying immediately. This stuff stays wet forever and longer. 

I can see where these sticks would be fabulous if I were doing an abstract. And I think I will try that next. But, these simple landscapes are another story. 

It's exciting to start at ground zero - with no expectations - and no where to go but up.

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