Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Return of the Muse

This was my first Sabbatical from blogging and one of my longest absences from art. My Muse went on vacation. I lost interest in painting, drawing, even doodling in my art journals. I tried sewing for a while - and that became boring too. I almost packed up my supplies for the yard sale. But now the urge is returning, little by little. 

I think in my case, I get inspiration from networking - from being around other creative people. Listening to their ideas and dreams makes me feel part of a community not an island. Recently my involvement with my local art association nearly stopped and my summer was filled with taking care of family/parental issues. I think I need to be with creative people. Take a class. Sit in the gallery. They are my muse.

Now I have a few - quite a few - unfinished sewing projects. Along with a fortune in fabric and felt. I have discovered that when I am museless and without an art project, I tend to shop. Online. I really love the things people do with felt.
~ I think i will make a few Christmas ornaments and gifts.
~  Look for a new art project.
~ I did agree to a show in July 2015 - that should be inspiration enough along with the 2 galleries I should be providing for.
~ I should take a class
~ I should join the "Online Shoppers Addiction" group

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