Friday, February 4, 2011

Stirring the Muse

I am still hibernating, but I'm starting to feel guilty about it - a little. Phil did not see his shadow, so hopefully, we will have an early spring. They're calling for another wintery weekend here in Pennsyltucky, so I'm not expecting a visit from the robins or the crocus any time soon.

Still -  just the thought of an early spring makes me want to shake off those winter doldrums, and the snuggies, and the hot chocolate and do something. Ah, but my muse is still buried deep under a huge mound of quilts and goose down and fleece. There is no rousing her.

So I went perusing for inspiration on my own - on the internet. The perfect place to look for inspiration without actually disengaging myself from the sofa. These blogs stirred my creative juices:

The perfect place to start getting ready for an early spring
~ the Art Journal ~ the creative Playground!

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