Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Hard To Get Started

take time to smell the roses
Such good advice but so difficult to follow. I'm still dragging myself out of hibernation, the weather is not cooperating. It's so cold, 14 degrees last night, my studio garage is freezing even with the heater on.

But I've got soooo much I want to get started on - the sketchbook, illustrations, paintings, writing, and reading.
My "To Do List" is daunting!

I have started the sketchbook, barely. I've updated this blog with a new template and all the stuff I've been meaning to add for the last few months. I've spent a lot of sofa time "blurfing" (blog surfing), and have visited cherished old friends that I haven't seen for awhile - Hello Everyone - and discovered many new blog friends, the inspiration I've soaked up is fabulous.

I found a new fav I'd like to share, hosted by Grannie Annie, don't let the name fool you - this lady is quirky and fun and her blog is so worth the visit!


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