Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Writing & Arting

I've used my Blog, up until now, just for my ART, my current  art work. But now I've decided to include my passion for children's books. Not just the art, but also the WRITING. I know I've claimed to hibernating all winter in an unproductive sofa induced stupor. But, truth be told, I have actually been writing, on the sofa, tucked under a snuggie.

I found an old obscure fairy tale that I re-wrote and modernized and plan to ILLUSTRATE - complete with fairies and a princess and scaly green critters. I've also written my own modern fairy tale spoof - again the plan is to illustrate this myself.

Picture books are my usual fare, but a few months ago I had an idea for a Young Adult book. Picture books have to be a concise 1000 words or less. The YA book should have 70,000 words. I thought, with a great big ego, I can do that. So I started this project in November 2010. As of February 2011, I have 36,000 words. What the hell was I thinking! I'm not going to give up though! But I do have to start devoting some of my time to other projects. I need new paintings for my gallery in March - and ooops - that's only 2 weeks away.
And I need to win the lottery so I can quit this day job!

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