Friday, April 6, 2012

Emails you wish were true . . .

Everyday I get emails about something fabulous of hysterical or just plain awful -
with photos that just capture your imagination 
and make you believe that it is true.
I mean really - they have photos - how can it not be true or real?
Today, I received one of those emails.
A truly awesome photo of a rock formation, that with its reflection in a lake,
looks like a person praying.
It's beautiful, and I so wanted it to be true.

But - I've learned to be an Internet Sceptic, so I checked it out on
Of course it is not real, it came from a children's book illustration -
which is beautiful - I still wish it was real.

Korean artist, Kim Jae-hong

Create a fabulous awe-inspiring story about your self,
include photos of your art/work, put it on every social media vehicle possible. Hope it goes viral, a million people around the world will view it, you get a page on and Wikepedia,
and my blog - now you are famous!
Why didn't I think of that?

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