Wednesday, April 4, 2012

packing for the Robert Burridge Workshop

Another pen painting - I found a package of pens with lots of colors, so I tried a full color painting. This is a sunset at Key West FL (from my own photo).

Next week - all week - 5 whole days
Robert Burridge Workshop

I've got all my supplies laid out, I don't know if I can carry all this stuff!
Sometimes I wish I led a simple life.
I wish I could walk out of the house every morning with just my purse and keys.
Instead of the additional 2 bags filled with stuff I might need!

Look at the supply list - aren't you jealous!!

Burridge 5-day Workshop - Simplified Materials List

• Please bring your own favorite paint including acrylics, fluid acrylics, dyes, water soluable markers and water soluable sticks. Bob will be working in acrylics. His techniques are applicable to ALL mediums.

• Surfaces can include 300# watercolor paper, gessoed paper, canvases, clayboards or panels - your choice! Daily small warmup painting exercises on paper. Larger works in the afternoon. The more surfaces you bring, the more paintings get done!

• Leave your expensive brushes at home! Bring several large, inexpensive brushes such as: hardware store bristle brushes, 1" or 2" - and/or your favorite acrylic/synthetic combos.

• Gesso for coating surfaces.

Favorite collage papers and polymer gel medium (gloss)

Think experimental, contemporary
mixed media painting!

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